ProCare Physical Therapy Services for Auto Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents often result in a variety of complex injuries and symptoms. Some of the more common auto accident injuries that we see and treat include:

  • Whiplash: A neck injury that can occur during rear-end automobile collisions, when your head suddenly moves backward and then forward. This sudden, abnormal motion can cause damage to the soft tissues (muscles, tendons & ligaments), and/or stretching/irritation of the nerves and spinal cord. The most common symptoms related to whiplash include headaches, neck pain and stiffness, dizziness, shoulder pain, arm pain/weakness/tingling, and back pain. Recent studies have shown that physical therapy may be the best choice to decrease pain, improve mobility, and minimize lost productivity as a direct result of whiplash associated disorders.
  • Back Injury: In a car accident, your low back or mid back can be injured. From herniated discs to fractures, our physical therapists can work with you to determine the best treatment plan to alleviate any pain and prevent future problems with your back.
  • Shoulder & Arm Injury: Shoulder pain and injury are very common with car accidents. Some of the more common shoulder injuries seen in auto accidents are rotator cuff tears, sprains/strains, impingement syndrome, separations/dislocations, and labral tears.
  • Knee & Hip Injury: Knees can get forced into the dashboard or back of the seat in an auto accident. If the force is great enough, then this can also cause hip pain/injury.
  • Muscle Injury: Injury to a variety of muscles, tendons, and ligaments are extremely common in auto accidents.

Often, individuals experience little or no symptoms initially following a car accident but subsequently suffer from a variety of symptoms, including pain and decreased function & mobility. Often the trauma associated with these types of injuries takes days and sometimes weeks to manifest itself. It is important to receive immediate and appropriate treatment following an auto accident. The longer you delay treatment, the more prolonged the recovery process is likely to be. The clinicians at ProCare are experts in treating motor vehicle related injuries. Physical therapy is used in conjunction with massage therapy to provide the quickest path to recovery from an automobile accident.

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