ProCare Physical Therapy Services

ProCare Physical Therapy is the premier physical therapy clinic in Parker, Colorado. Our PTs are manual therapy specialists. Appointments are 1 full hour directly with your physical therapist. We treat most orthopedic and neurologic conditions.
Did you know Physical Therapy is direct access? You do not need to see another physician first. Your PT will perform a full examination/evaluation and can refer you to another specialist should your condition indicate. Physical Therapy at ProCare can successfully treat most orthopedic conditions without drugs or surgery.

Our services provided and conditions treated include but are not limited to:

THERAPEUTIC MEDICAL MASSAGE: ProCare has a dedicated massage therapist who will target your medical needs specifically. This may be covered by your insurance.

DRY NEEDLING: Dry Needling is when a very thin filament dry needle (no medication or injection) is inserted into muscle. It follows Western medicine principles and is scientifically supported. It is not the same as accupuncture which is based on moving Qi or energy flow along meridians.

HEADACHES: Many people are unaware that Physical Therapy can significantly help with many types of headaches, including debilitationg migraines.

VESTIBULAR DISORDERS & DIZZINESS: ProCare Physical Therapists can help you with dizziness and balance issues through vestibular rehab.

SPORTS INJURY REHAB & PREVENTION: There is considerable evidence that specific exercises and strengthening can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Your ProCare PT can get you on the appropriate program to keep you playing injury-free in whatever activity you participate.

SPORTS PERFORMANCE: Supervised training is vital to perform at your highest level. The keen eye of our PTs can help you correct and fine-tune movement patterns and muscle imbalances to get you to peak performance. They will work with you to develop a custom program to help you achieve your goals.

PAIN: People usually seek physical therpy because they have pain. There are many reasons for pain and it may be acute or chronic. Your Physical Therapist's thorough examination will help to determine the cause of your pain and the appropriate treatments.

TENDINOPATHY (TENDONITIS/TENDONOSIS): Tendon is the tissue that attaches muscle to bone. Tendons often get irritated from overuse or a sudden excessive force. These can feel achy to strong shooting pains. If untreated, they can beome chronic. Physical Therapy is very successful in helping your body to correct and heal the tissue, relieving symptoms and getting you back to 100%.

MUSCLE STRAINS (aka "pulled muscle"): Muscle strains are tears in muscle fibers from micro to full muscle tears. They result from more force or stretch being applied to the muscle than it can handle. This may be from sudden force, such as sprinting, or a fatigued muscle. A minor strain can heal in a few days but a more severe strain can take much longer. Physical Therapy will help increase the healing of the tissue then gradually and safely progress your use of the muscle to full strength. Strains will feel better before they are fully healed so be cautious when returning to activities after a strain.

JOINT SPRAINS (LIGAMENTS): A sprain is a tear (from micro to full tears) to ligamentous tissue. Ligaments attach bone to bone so they are found at joints. A sprain can occur at virtually any joint. Muscles surrounding the injured joint often become much weaker. "Twisting" an ankle is one of the most common sprains. Your Physical Therapist will evaluate your injury to determine the best course of treatment for you. Rehab for strength and proprioception are vital for full recovery.

PRE & POST-SURGICAL: Most orthopedic surgeries can greatly benefit from pre and/or post surgical rehab. The proper strengthening and preparation prior to surgery can make reovery easier and faster. Post-surgery, physical therapy will safely progress your recovery to maximum function.

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